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Okay guys, time’s up! Reading my flist this morning (yes, it’s morning where I am. You have til when it’s the 8th where you are, so stop panicking and keep writing!) I know a lot of you have been working hard to get your fics across the line on time!

Here’s how it’s going to work. Below is the master list of recipients and writers. As you post a story (either here or in another LJ), please post the story block and a link/cut to the story in this community. The Pouncer and I will tally them as we see them and update the recipient list. Simple.

Please note that some people have indicated to us that they’re going to be a few days late with their stories. Where we knew this, we organized pinch-hit ‘placeholder’ ficlets so those who were receiving stories late wouldn’t be left out of the general squee. Placeholder ficlets are indicated by the square brackets after the actual writers names. These people will also be receiving a fic from their nominated writer (aren’t they! *glares*) in a few days time - these ficlets are just to tide you over til they arrive. Thanks to all those who volunteered to do pinch-hitting – it was greatly appreciated.

Now, the bit you've all been waiting for. Drumroll please!

Recipient Writer
Cedara --> The Little Atlantean Humpback That Could by Sharma [Pinch-hit placeholders: Lead and Follow | Alt-Cetacean Relations]
TheGrrl --> The Pegasus Galaxy's Greatest Hits by Rustler
History_Gurl --> When Once I Had Called Him In by Chicklet [pinch-hit placeholder: New Arrivals Must Clear Customs]
Chicklet --> Cedara [pinch-hit placeholder ficlet]
Rivier --> Tangible by Chelle
CassieJames --> "In Which the SGC Suspects They Received a Highly-Edited Report from Pegasus" (part 1 part 2 part 3 byVolari
Sian1359 --> Time Cannot Benumb These Feelings by The Pouncer
Danvers --> Rivier [pinch-hit placeholder ficlet]
Chelle --> Strength and Honor Are Her Clothing by Kajika
RoaringMice --> Radek Zelenka and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very-Bad Day by Kiara [pinch-hit placeholder ficlet]
Frawg/Sharma --> Kara - A Short Hello pinch-hit by Tigerlady[pinch-hit placeholder: Morphine Dreams]
Kiara --> Mizz_Destiny - The Desert of Rejoicing pinch-hit by Kajikia. [pinch-hit placeholder: Illusion of Understanding]
Kajika --> Fallout Part One Part Two by Sian1359
Volari --> Telephone by CassieJames
Mizz_Destiny --> Butterflies and Hurricanes by Danvers
Kara --> Forgiveness by RoaringMice
Mandeep --> Synaesthesia by Alyse
Alexa --> Dancing Machine - a pinch-hit fic by RoaringMice...Nausica [pinch-hit placeholder and another pinch-hit placeholder]
Alyse --> Semper Fidelis—Always Faithful by Alexa
Nausica --> The Hardest Thing by Mandeep [an inkling pinch fic by RoaringMice]
Kaizoku --> History_Gurl. Missing Scene from Inferno pinch hit by dracostella [pinch-hit placeholder: Distraction Time]
Piplover --> Reception by Stillane
Stillane --> Beware of the Pretty People by Maryavatar/Moonloon
Dracostella --> A Little Chat by Drusemia
Niannah --> When Guises Fall by Flatlanddan
Moonloon --> Pueblo, CO by Dracostella
Rustler --> Stand Back Up by ga_unicorn
Packmentality --> Fault Tolerance by Wickedwords
FlatLandDan --> Sky From Sea by Packmentality
Wickedwords --> A History of Knives by Niannah
Drusemia --> All for One by Piplover
Ga_Unicorn --> Elixir, Or How Rodney McKay Got His Coffee Back by Kaizoku [pinch-hit placeholder: The Hunt]
The Pouncer --> Polyphony by TheGrrl

Read, rec, respond and repost at other comms! Share the canonical love! And thanks for participating!


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