Aug. 24th, 2007

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Recipient: [ profile] rustler
Title: A Hair’s Breadth of Time
Author: Pouncer
Rating: PG
Category: gen, episode-related
Spoilers: through 3.11, The Return II (although nothing that couldn't have been predicted from the first part)
Summary: Teyla fancied the butchered trees and shrubbery were external proof of her pain at yet another displacement, now that the Ancestors had reclaimed Atlantis. 3200+ words.

Too much change, too fast.

John and Rodney had once attempted to explain to Teyla the meaning of the word "gate-lag." They tripped over each other's contributions, throwing out terms like jets and melatonin and time zones. Teyla was certain half of what John said were jokes delivered in his dry, deadpan tones. The voice she would never hear again.
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For: Kajikia

Title: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Author: RoaringMice

Rating: PG-13+/R

Warnings: Swears, torture (offscreen), angst.

Summary: He’d seen this much blood before.

Prompt: writing for Kajikia, who gave me the following options:

1. How Atlantis resolves/gets out of the cliffhanger ending of the season finale
2. Hunting down the creatures from "Vengeance"
3. Lorne's team to the rescue!Gen, het, and/or slash are all fine with me.

I went with number 3.

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Recipient: Meridian/[ profile] noafterglow
Title: First Day of School
Author: [ profile] bluflamingo
Rating: PG
Category: Gen
Spoilers: Post-The Siege, pre-Runner, no major spoilers
Summary: In which Major Lorne learns exactly what "Sheppard's XO" means

First Day of School

[ profile] noafterglow asked for:
a) Lorne, and how he deals with not only being Sheppard's second in command, but also to being new to Atlantis (if not to the world of Stargate)
b) Teyla, and how she deals with what happens during (and after) theevents that take place in Michael
c) Cadman and McKay squabbling, after her decision to remain on Atlantis. Gen
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Recipient: [ profile] gothpyle (pinch-hit)
Title: I May Be Some Time
Author: [ profile] bluflamingo
Rating: PG
Category: Slash, John/Rodney
Spoilers: Nope
Summary: “You know,” John says, “When I said I thought we were due a vacation, I was kind of hoping for somewhere –“
“Warmer?” McKay suggests.

I May Be Some Time

[ profile] gothpyle asked for:
a)Rodney finds out how to re-charge ZPM's... but there's a price
b)Sheppard and McKay trapped on an ice planet, slash/slashy preferred
c)the ATA gene/therapy starts to evolve into something dangerous


Aug. 24th, 2007 04:22 pm
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Title: Pie

For: Meredith // xfirefly9x2

Author: RoaringMice

Rating: PG-13

Summary: McKay, virtual reality simulations, and pie

Written for: The Atlantis Back to Basics Challenge, for Meredith // xfirefly9x2. She’d wanted one of the following prompts:

- John, Elizabeth and Carson get trapped offworld during a culling. Elizabeth or Carson saves the day.
- John's team and Elizabeth are sent to an alternate reality via a quantum mirror they find in the unexplored areas of Atlantis.
- McKay. Virtual reality simulation/s. Pie.

Although I liked all three ideas, I could not resist #3.

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Aug. 24th, 2007 04:25 pm
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Recipient: neevebrody
Title: Tuesday
Author: neierthima
Rating: G-PG
Category: Gen
Spoilers: Let's be cautious and say all of season 2
Summary: Lunchtime on Atlantis is good for getting to know people.

neevebrody asked for:
a) Rodney grappling with the duty of notifying next of kin - Sheppard
helps, somewhat. Anything from G to R.
b) Ronon lacking any table manners whatsoever - Maybe Elizabeth helps. G - PG
c) Some connection between Carson and Teyla possibly in re: "Sunday". G

This has a little bit of all three, I think.

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Recipient: aesc
Title: A Shadow of a Tree
Author: Mirabile Dictu
Rating: PG-13
Category: slash, het
Length: 63k
Spoilers: Set post S3.
Summary: "It's your choice. But there aren't many Satedans left. Shouldn't you take a little more care to preserve your society?"

Aesc's prompts:
Rodney and John encouraging each other in their insanity. Slash is
always okay.
Attempts at educating Teyla and Ronon in Western popular culture. Slash/gen, whatever.
Team!mission involving explosions (radiation optional), last-minute clever thinking, and some kind of injury. Slash/gen, whatever.

I tried to get a little bit from each prompt into the story.

A Shadow of a Tree
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Recipient: [personal profile] scarletts_awry 
Title: Keep Your Friends Close (5100 words)
Author: [personal profile] rustler 
Rating: PG-13
Category: slash (McKay/Sheppard)
Spoilers: through 3.19 "Vengeance"
Summary: The Genii, killer bugs, and an inconvenient crush—just another day in the life of Rodney McKay.

Link to the story.

b) The Lantians test the limits of their truce with the Genii when they team up to take out a Wraith outpost or Hive; could go well, horribly wrong, or anything inbetween; can be gen or include any level of Teyla/Sora, Elizabeth/Ronon, or John/Rodney
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Recipient: [ profile] mirabile_dictu
Title: The Beckla Tree
Author: [ profile] gothphyle
Prompt: Teyla feeling like an outsider and how she sees the Atlantians (with a dash of "John's poor sense of direction and consequences for the team")
Pairing: implied John/Rodney
Rating: suitable for most (some bad language, and mild gore)

Disclaimer: this is a not-for-profit endeavor using characters that are not my own

Summary: When Teyla was a child, long-limbed and supple as the blades of the fishtam grass, she learned three truths.

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Recipient: [ profile] wojelah
Title: Ariadne (~5300)
Author: [ profile] aesc
Rating: R
Category: implied het and slash: Teyla/Carson and McKay/Sheppard
Spoilers: through 3.16 "The Ark." This takes place some time before "Sunday."
Summary: The Wraith try to take her truth and her team away, and Teyla struggles to get them back.

Notes: This fic contains brief mentions of implied rape/non-consensual sex. They are, however, very fleeting (mostly alluded to and not described in detail). To talk about them more kind of gives away the rest of the story, though the circumstances come out in the first few paragraphs--but I thought I'd issue the warning in case.

I have shown you your future, the Queen says, and her voice echoes coldly across her bones. Do you wish to know your present, Teyla Emmagan? Do you wish to know your friends?

Request: Team-fic - how Sheppard, Ronon, and McKay see Teyla as a
team-member. Shipping (any pair) and/or OT4 acceptable. :)
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Recipient: [ profile] bluflamingo
Title: Affinity
Author: [ profile] ga_unicorn
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Category: Gen
Spoilers: anything through The Shroud (season, 10 SG1) and Echoes (season 3, SGA)
Summary: At loose ends while the rest of his team attends to other things while visiting Atlantis, Cameron Mitchell joins Sheppard and a squad of Marines on a simple diplomatic mission.

to Affinity...
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