Jun. 6th, 2007

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The second annual Back to Basics Atlantis challenge.

Sign-ups are now closed.

In the (slightly revised) words used to introduce this last year:

So, as fun as AUs and crackfic can be, I've been jonesing for stories set within the Atlantis we see on the show - characters that align with what we've seen in episodes, situations that we can extrapolate without leaping ten kilometers sideways, and a tone that also slides into canon. Thus, the Back to Basics: Atlantis story exchange.

Stories can be gen, het, or slash, depending on what’s requested, and can range from G to NC-17. (Het and slash relationships are allowed in the challenge as the author/requestor are building on something that they do see in canon - namely the chemistry between two characters.)

The minimum story length is 1000 words. No maximum story length - if you want to write a novel, go for it, so long as you can post it on August 24, 2007.

The goal of this challenge is to receive feedback saying: "this reads just like an episode (or a scene from an episode)” (perhaps with optional sex). And if you think about it, that’s not such a limiting factor!

Things seen in canon )

AUs aren't the purpose of the challenge, so please don’t ask for: any transformations of team members not seen in canon (such as: penguins or centaurs or reversion to childhood or genderswap (beyond the Duet scenario)); changes in the team structures or canonical backgrounds of the characters as revealed so far; changes in profession of characters seen so far; changes in the science as seen so far, stories set away from the greater Stargate program. Remember that the idea is to stick as closely to canon as possible – there’s still lots of ground to explore within those confines!

To sign up for the challenge, comment on this post and leave the following information (comments are screened to maintain an element of surprise):

1. Name (including LJ name)
2. Contact email
3. Three scenarios you’d like to receive in your story
(only one of these will be written – this is to give your author options)
4. One thing you don’t want to write
5. Note here if you haven't seen the series through the end of season three, so we don't give you a spoiler-filled request
6. Are you willing to be a pinch hit author at the last minute?

For example:

1. Name: Pouncer
2. Email: pouncer77 at gmail

3. I'd like a story about:
a) Weir and Ronon dancing around their attraction to each other. Anything from G to NC-17.
b) McKay and Sheppard squabbling. Could be slashy.
c) Lorne dealing with the many challenges of being Sheppard's second in command. Gen preferred.

4. I can't do: Beckett as a sexual being
5: Pinch Hitter?: Yes

Although you’re providing three requests, the author only has to include one of them in the final story.

We'll be annotating this post with the names of those who've signed-up, so you have some idea of the scope of the challenge.


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The sign-up period will be open from June 6 to July 1 (if I'm counting right, that should be the Sunday after the season three finale airs on SciFi).

Assignments will be sent out by July 6 (probably before), and should remain secret until the stories are posted.

Stories are due August 24th, and should be posted to the [livejournal.com profile] atlantisbasics community by the author on that day (you can also post them to your personal LJ or any archive you want on that day, but not before).

On August 17th, we'll be emailing all participants to ask about your progress with your assigned story. If we don't receive an affirmative reply ("Yes, I'll be ready to post as of the deadline"), we'll arrange for a pinch-hit author at that time. Last go-round, there were a fair number of stories that never got posted, and we want to avoid disappointment for the authors who worked hard and met the deadline.

The organizers (myself and [livejournal.com profile] akire_yta) will create a master list of all stories and link to it from the community profile page.

If, at any time, you find yourself unable to complete a story, notify the challenge organizers immediately so that we can find someone to fulfill the request.

Beta readers are encouraged, as is fact-checking. We'll be updating the list of resources as we get closer to handing out assignments.

Feel free to ask any questions here.

We hope you sign-up!

Sign-ups are now closed.


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